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  The family Lüneburg Our stables are a family business, the family consists of the "ex" riders and actual breeders Jan and Karin and their 5 children:
  Jan Lüneburg is a doctor and together with Karin he did form a good and successful Holstein breeding center, both are very good riders. He is also 1.Chairman of the Holsteiner Verband and member of the leaderboard of the German FN - breeding section. At the stud he is responsible for the breeding program and the foaling.
  Karin Lüneburg is a professional riding and training instructor and finished university as a forestry scientist. She is in charge of all the breeding and youngster care, the pastures, and together with Rasmus, she also trains the apprentice of professional riding masters.
  Rasmus Lüneburg is since 2011 the managing director, active show jumper, he owns the German gold medal and the trainer C license. His main work is producing qualitiv and selected show jumping horses. He also organizes the sales. He is successful riding up to international advanced class S***, for example placings in the famous Hamburg Derby.
  Rike Lüneburg is a doctor and is competing as an amateur rider up to advanced jumping level. She did participate in German championships and did win some international GP as a young rider (for example in Hachenburg). She is following her father´s way as a doctor and will be going on with the show jumping as an amateur.
  Jule Lüneburg is studying sports psycology (master) in Berlin to become an equestrian mental coach for sports athletes. She is training and competing a couple of horses successful up to CSI3*. She has good results in Hamburg, Wellington (Florida,USA), Ciekocinko (Poland), Mijas (Spain), Paderborn, Munich...
  Nisse Lüneburg is the most successful rider in the family on international advanced level. He is riding for the club Magdalenenhof in Wedel. Nisse has been a couple of times the regional champion in SH, medalist in the German championship 2006. 2010 he participated in his first National cup as a senior rider. 2011and 2013 he did win the Hamburg Derby with his patrner "Calle Cool"! 2017 he became 3rd with "Cordillo" in the Hamburg Derby.
  Alessa Köhnke is Rasmus partner and orthodontist. She was succeful in german championships and jumped up to 1,45m classes. At the moment she is bulding young horses up to the high level next to her job.
  John Walther is a master of equine management focused on riding and a successful show jumper up to advanced level (S).
John is now barn manager and supports every part.
   Stephanie Klbaschuss is in her first year of the german breeding education.
   Lea Seidler is in her first year of the german breeding education.
  Marisa Singer is in her last year of the german breeding education. After that she will continue in our team with the german education for riding. 
   Kimja Bruckmann completes a one year internship.
  Anja Czarnecki supports the team as professional groom and veterinary assisent. She supports the team with many years of grooming experiences on a high level.


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